Hear ye, hear ye. Come round all.

Note to self: Don’t trust Casper at Masquerade balls.

lmao. the first one they hooked up, the second one they’re doing it again. 

Was it about this dance that just gets them all riled up?

Is it the masks? The clothes? The masqueradey scent in the air. Whatever it is, we know not to invite them next time.

Did you hear there’s a baby boom at Campbell? I said nothing. 

I have to go add my name to registry, Newsy Campbell.

That’s a y not an i.

Is it just me or am I seeing doubles here at Campbell? Something about that Jonah kid just doesn’t sit well with me, he’s so weird.

Har Har Har.

I heard the demon children arrived here last night? Hide yo kids? Hide yo charries? I’m locking the newsroom doors until it’s safe to come out.

Our very first Campbell wedding! I was of course the flower girl, I looked lovely in my tutu. 

Anyways. I can’t with the feels in this place. Seriously. I need a fan, or a lawn mower.

Stay classy Campbell, Newsy.

Masquerade Ball

What’s up, Campbell?


oh my gawd jeramey bensaaon.


Barcade Philly